Project has kids ready to ride

The Kiwanis Club of Kortrijk collects and refurbishes bikes and scooters to donate to kids.

Submitted by the Kiwanis Club of Kortrijk 

A member of the Kiwanis Club of Kortrijk, Belgium, earns a living by buying and selling household goods. Last summer, he acquired an enormous amount of second-hand children’s bicycles of all kinds, ranging from BMX to scooters.  

“When I saw this huge lot of children’s bikes and scooters, my Kiwanian soul took over,” says Dries De Langhe.  

Three of De Langhe’s fellow club members worked on the general service and tune-up for the bikes over a few weekends — and even added a Kiwanis sticker to each one. The club suddenly had a few hundred children’s bicycles and scooters at its disposal. 

“Once refurbished by a few of our club members, these bicycles were donated to schools or care institutions for teaching kids about road safety or simply for fun during breaks,” De Langhe says. “And indeed, it was a great success. So far, our club has donated 200 bikes and scooters.” 

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