Past Issues

Want to check out past issues of Kiwanis magazine or look for an amazing story that ran last year?

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January/February 2017  History repeats  Reenacting Canada’s Battle of Stoney Creek

March 2017  What if Kiwanis didn’t exist?  In a world without Kiwanis, kids would suffer most

April/May 2017  Common threads  A Kiwanis-sponsored sewing program helps women in Vanuatu become self-sufficient


January/February 2016  Fear  How it affects our lives and what we can do about it

March 2016  Explore!  Pack your bags, it’s the travel issue

April/May 2016  The Kiwanis Exeter UFO Festival  Flying Saucers! Where do they come from? What do they want?

June/July 2016  Major league music  Kiwanis Music Festival hits all the right notes

August 2016  Homework  How much is too much?

September 2016  Food festivals. Yum!  A delicious Kiwanis tradition

October/November 2016  In living color  As the 2016-17 president, Jane Erickson brings a bold vision to Kiwanis International

December 2016  Leaders of the future  Key Leader prepares teens today to serve tomorrow


January/February 2015  100 years of service  The Kiwanis anniversary issue

March 2015  Destiny’s children  Montana Kiwanians help fund an orphanage in Uganda 

April/May 2015  Signature circus  German clubs raise Kiwanis’ public profile under the big top

June/July 2015  4 Riley kids  Kiwanis and Riley Hospital for Children: A history of service

August 2015  Life in the clouds  Serving children in the remote Honduran Highlands

September 2015  The cycle of life  A Dutch cyclist rides through 20 countries to raise funds and awareness for Kiwanis

October/November 2015  First  Sue Petrisin leads Kiwanis into a new century as the organization’s first female president

December 2015  Life in a food desert  From big cities to farm communities, millions of families live with food insecurity