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January/February 2022 Let go of holding on. Practical steps: How to release what no longer serves you.

March 2022 Play mate. Iowa Kiwanis club creates inclusive playground.

April/May 2022 What if you choose to change the world? Here’s where to start.

June/July Air sick. Pollution and environment injustices are hurting — even killing — our children.

October 2022 Western Spirit. 2022-23 Kiwanis International President Bert West takes the reins.


January/February 2021  All Star. Al Oliver is a baseball legend and a dedicated Kiwanian. His life of community service is influenced by his faith and his devotion to the youth of Ohio.

March 2021 Heroes on the front lines. From hospital emergency rooms to nursing homes and schools, Kiwanians around the globe are stepping up to help fight the Novel Coronavirus.

April/May 2021 How to: Your ultimate resource for growing, strengthening and improving your club.

June/July 2021 One world, one tribe. 

August 2021 Pet projects. Kiwanis clubs find that creatures of all kinds present ways to raise funds and serve kids.

September 2021 Dino discoveries: Children and dinosaurs happily co-exist at a Kiwanis-funded adventure park

October/November 2021 The point of impact: For the 2021-22 Kiwanis International President Peter Mancuso, leadership is all about the club experience.

December 2021 Disaster response: Victims themselves, Louisiana Kiwanians help other recover from devastating hurricanes.


January/February 2020  Welcome Nepal.  Kiwanis’ newest district impresses with strong growth and thoughtful service.

March 2020  Building community.  Changing lives with Habitat for Humanity.

April/May 2020  The future is theirs. Protecting the planet for generations to come.

June/July 2020 Good sports. Kiwanians in Nevada keep the fun rolling with a bike camp for kids.

August 2020 Learning Curve. Students, teachers and parents are struggling to adapt to the “new normal” in education. Kiwanians can help.

September 2020 Culinary refuge. Swiss Kiwanians support a refugee-run kitchen that provides more than a hot meal. it provides hope.

October/November 2020 Lasting Development. 2020-21 Kiwanis International President Art Riley has a vision for this Kiwanis year — and for the Kiwanis future that lies beyond it

December 2020 On point International ballet star Misty Copeland started dancing as a young girl after school at a Boys & Girls club. That time influenced her forever.


January/February 2019  Date with history Hosted in a cemetery, an interactive Kiwanis dinner showcases some very special guests from the past.

March 2019  Air Force. At a famous Albuquerque balloon festival, local Kiwanians have it made in the shade.

April/May 2019  The Power of Play  This issue of Kiwanis magazine is packed with pages about play.

June/July 2019  What If You Choose to Change the World?

August 2019  Clean Hands; Open Hearts. A Texas Key Club constructs a water station for Guatemalan schoolchildren.

September 2019  A Dangerous Debate. From misinformation on social media to advocacy groups reporting ‘fake news,’ vaccinating children has become a controversial topic. But why?

October/November 2019 Friend of the Family. 2019-20 Kiwanis International President Daniel Vigneron focuses on building community through friendship.

December 2019 Character Study. 2A progressive school in Turkey uses drama, art and music to help children learn.


January/February 2018  Down on the farm.  A golden celebration gives thousands of children a free day of learning and fun

March 2018  Stress test.  From social media burnout to school pressures, anxiety and stress have a hold on our kids

April/May 2018  Board games.  French artists create one-of-a-kind skateboards for charity

June/July 2018  Follow the leader.  Boy Scouts of America and Kiwanis: an enduring partnership

August 2018  Play ball. An illustrated history of Kiwanis and baseball

September 2018  It takes a village.  A Belgian town comes together for film, food, family and fun

October/November 2018  Visions of greatness.  Poly Lat, your 2018-19 Kiwanis International president

December 2018  Simple kindness.  If we all started our day like Fred Rogers did, can you imagine the possibilities?


January/February 2017  History repeats.  Reenacting Canada’s Battle of Stoney Creek

March 2017  What if Kiwanis didn’t exist?  In a world without Kiwanis, kids would suffer most

April/May 2017  Common threads.  A Kiwanis-sponsored sewing program helps women in Vanuatu become self-sufficient

June/July 2017 WaterThe world’s vanishing resource

August 2017 A cut above.  A Frankfort, Kentucky, Kiwanian uses his barbershop to help area kids.

September 2017 All that jazz.  New Orleans-style music takes center stage at a fundraising festival in Switzerland.

October/November 2017 Yes man. When it comes to new-club opening, Kiwanis International’s 2017–18 President Jim Rochford won’t take no for an answer.

December 2017 Pick me up and use me. A DIY guide to improving your club, helping your community and serving kids everywhere.


January/February 2016  Fear.  How it affects our lives and what we can do about it

March 2016  Explore!  Pack your bags, it’s the travel issue

April/May 2016  The Kiwanis Exeter UFO Festival  Flying Saucers! Where do they come from? What do they want?

June/July 2016  Major league music.  Kiwanis Music Festival hits all the right notes

August 2016  Homework.  How much is too much?

September 2016  Food festivals. Yum!  A delicious Kiwanis tradition

October/November 2016  In living color  As the 2016-17 president, Jane Erickson brings a bold vision to Kiwanis International

December 2016  Leaders of the future.  Key Leader prepares teens today to serve tomorrow


January/February 2015  100 years of service.  The Kiwanis anniversary issue

March 2015  Destiny’s children.  Montana Kiwanians help fund an orphanage in Uganda

April/May 2015  Signature circus.  German clubs raise Kiwanis’ public profile under the big top

June/July 2015  4 Riley kids.  Kiwanis and Riley Hospital for Children: A history of service

August 2015  Life in the clouds.  Serving children in the remote Honduran Highlands

September 2015  The cycle of life.  A Dutch cyclist rides through 20 countries to raise funds and awareness for Kiwanis

October/November 2015  First.  Sue Petrisin leads Kiwanis into a new century as the organization’s first female president

December 2015  Life in a food desert.  From big cities to farm communities, millions of families live with food insecurity

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