Martinique club brings more food to the table

Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant helps club offer breakfast baskets and nutrition education. 

With the pandemic, many families who had a hard time putting food on their tables have only seen their difficulties increase. Martinique may be secluded — it’s an island and a territorial collectivity of France located in the eastern Caribbean Sea — but it’s not immune to food-security issues.  

Enter the Kiwanis Club of Arc en Ciel (which translates to “rainbow”).  

Located in the Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District, the club launched “Les Paniers du Coeur Arc en Ciel” (“Rainbow Baskets from the Heart”) on October 24, 2021, to celebrate Kiwanis One Day. Through the project, the club distributes 35 breakfast baskets to children who are most in need. The club also distributes breakfasts on the 24th of each month.  

“To help the children prepare for the new school year, we gave them special breakfast bags, school supplies and a haircut,” says Guyléne Dunkan, president of the Arc en Ciel club.  

The club has distributed more than 1,000 breakfast bags since October 2021. 

Les Paniers du Coeur Arc en Ciel” is supported by a grant from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. In addition to providing food, the project raises awareness about the fight against hunger and the need for a healthy, balanced diet. Club members take time every two months to share breakfast with children and their parents and to distribute materials about the importance of good nutrition. 

The project is also an effective recruiting tool, raising awareness of Kiwanis and its impact on young children. It also helps retain members by involving them in service and showing how important they are to their community. 

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