Help after disaster

Kiwanis members in Cologne, Germany, rebuild playground after flooding.

By Ellen Eichberg, Cologne Kiwanis Club secretary

The Kiwanis Club of Cologne, Germany, together with the Kiwanis Foundation Germany, has initiated a great project to help restore the area which was heavily impacted by severe flooding in the wine region of Ahrtal last year. 

Whilst other clubs in the area have helped as well, and the German Kiwanis Foundation has financed many rebuilding projects — from kindergarten renovation to school supplies, to individual family help — this project to rebuild a whole playground was the biggest single project initiated by the Cologne club. 

The playground was officially opened with a children’s fest in April 2022. One bright new spot for kids — in the middle of an area that is still heavily impacted by the aftermath of the floods. There are many houses still destroyed, many don’t have heat and many houses still empty, waiting for renovation. But the Cologne Kiwanians managed to give back a smile to these kids who have suffered severely after the flood. Plus, it is the first fully sustainable playground of its kind in Germany.

Cologne Kiwanis members believe this project shows how Kiwanis helped fast and uncomplicated in times of crisis — and how local clubs and the Kiwanis Foundation worked hand in hand to build something great and sustainable for kids.

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