You have a friend in Kiwanis

Fellowship can lead to friendship, to BFF and beyond.

It’s great being a Kiwanian. Improving communities. Serving children. But, as President Daniel Vigneron (see “Friend of the Family,” page 12) and these members can attest, Kiwanis friendships are forever.

A past Key Club and Circle K member, Lindsey Lenhart joined the Kiwanis Club of Fort Myers Metro McGregor, Florida. “I never anticipated that I would gain a best friend through Kiwanis,” Lenhart says. “Rachel Toomey and I serve our community together, play soccer, share holidays and celebrate birthdays, which makes our friendship one that is hard to describe in words but not hard to understand.”

Colleen Biggerstaff of Allen, Texas, and Susan Hennum of Garland, Texas, met as contestants in a Mrs. Texas pageant and discovered each other’s interest in service. “I was impressed by how many service hours she had,” Biggerstaff says. “She said she got them through Kiwanis and asked if I would be interested in joining. There began a friendship that has lasted 24 years and counting.”

Dan Ruffner and Elliott Michnoff met at a Largo-Mid-Pinellas, Florida, Kiwanis Club meeting three years ago. “Dan and I just hit it off from the get-go,” Michnoff says. “After time went on, we just got closer and closer as friends. Now I know his wife and daughter, and he’s met my family as well.”

Laurie and Brian Nappier (below) were both in Key Club and CKI. “We met at a district convention and dated long-distance for two-and-a-half years,” she says. “We now have four kids, and I’m president of the Lake Norman, North Carolina, Kiwanis Club. The Kiwanis family is our family.”

After joining the Kiwanis Club of Thonon Evian Chablais, France, Monique Bochaton found herself surrounded by support. “We went through bad times, like when cancer hit my husband and another club member,” she says. “It’s through bad times that one can count true friends.”

This story originally appeared in the October 2019 issue of Kiwanis magazine.

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