Service Leadership Projects

Try these ideas for supporting young leaders.

TIP: Show young leaders you care by being there 

I have been an advisor for over 14 years. The largest thing I found is, as an organization, CKI should be this amazing feeder pool of some of the most dedicated, upstanding and encouraging young leaders. They want to be involved, they’re choosing this life over so many other things they could be doing and they are going to be the leaders in their community for years to come. But I have found they don’t have enough Kiwanis involvement.  

Don’t get me wrong, having administrators is wonderful. But you, reading this, should be involved, too! Show them you care, your Kiwanis club cares and that you are present to show them another way to stay involved after college. My club has had a tremendously better relationship with the Kiwanis family with more active sponsoring club participation, and I truly believe people like you can help be that for someone else. You don’t need to be their everything, but you can be something.  

Brian M. Pluchino, Stockton University, New Jersey District 

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