Here’s how Kiwanis clubs are getting new and keeping existing members.

TIP: Inviting someone new to your club or opening a new club? Do your research first to create a friendly rapport.

When setting appointments with prospective members, it is important to follow these steps. 

First, look up the local Chamber of Commerce, which will have businesses listed in the community. This list can be supplemented with other names of individuals or businesses from the Kiwanis resource named the Roster Analysis Worksheet. Since I am a retired educator and currently a real estate advisor, I like to set up appointments with educators and real estate professionals, but I do not hesitate to call others. 

Before calling, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure you know the name and title of the person you are calling (CEO, Executive Director, Branch Manager, Owner, etc.). Google the person’s name and find out all you can about that individual. Remember, you must quickly build a relationship to obtain an appointment. As you read about the person, enter a few notes that you can refer back to during your conversation. When talking, have a cheerful voice and let your voice come across as if you are smiling. 

I usually start the conversation with, “As a leader in your community OR as someone who has expressed an interest in children, I thought you would want to know that Kiwanis is coming to your area!  Are you familiar with Kiwanis?” I let the person know that Kiwanis’ focus is children. “We are trying to meet with the leaders in your community for 10 minutes each to share our plan of action in forming this new club. What are your thoughts about Kiwanis helping the children in your community?” It is not only imperative to let the person talk, but it is imperative to be a good listener. 

I also follow up every phone call with an email. 

Tip: Laura Grace Gilliland, member of the Kiwanis Club of Red Stick, Kiwanis Club of eLAMISSTENN, Kiwanis Club of Eye of the Tiger eKiwanis, I-I and member of the Kiwanis LAMISSTENN Membership & Club Opening Team 

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