Behind many great service projects is a successful fundraiser. 

TIP: Need a change of fundraising pace? Try a bed race!

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has staged the Accora Village Bed Race as part of its town’s Winterlude festival for more than 40 years. Here’s a step-by-step plan for how to do it. 

  • Visit to look at the photos and get a feel for the event. 
  • Set up a core team of two co-chairs and about two to four others. The section leads could include Team Solicitation, Sponsorship and Fundraising, Marketing and Logistics and Day of. 
  • Determine your location and get permits well in advance. Talk to city/town officials early and often. You may wish to consider having it as part of an existing event to ensure a base of spectators. 
  • Set the rules. The race can get competitive. Determine size and type of bed and wheels. Create and collect signed waivers. 
  • Decide if you will sell beds, rent beds or have an option for both. Contact a community college that has a welding department to ask if they can make some beds available for the race. 
  • Set a reasonable/appropriate registration rate for your area and target market. 
  • There are many components to this event. Identify committee members or Kiwanians who can “make things happen.”  Think of people in your club who know people or can offer expertise in a specific area. Know someone in marketing? Ask them for help. Know someone who owns a box truck? You’ll need it. In our case, for example, we require storage and transportation for beds. It is very helpful that our two co-chairs are in industries that can facilitate these two important aspects. 

Tips from the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa  

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